Technology: Hybrid Propulsion System. CORPEX Industrial Group
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Hybrid Propulsion System

We offer boats with the last hybrid technology , allowing a complete autonomy with several solar systems.

Principle of the hybrid drive system is a series in which the conventional engine is replaced by an electric motor . This engine , can propel the boat and is powered by a park of batteries. This system, which seems simple, requires a motor that has a peak performance , large capacity of batteries and a system of rapid recharging.

Sometimes , navigation with combustion engines is limited or prohibited in areas of high ecological value. Therefore , we suggest the use of electric propulsion systems are an excellent ecological and practical option.

The coil assumes two functions: power production and electric motor. It is understood that, in thermal mode, powered by the engine of the boat, recharge batteries park and, when passing electric mode, it is transformed into a jet engine fueling the energy stored in the batteries. An electronic management system in real time reports of autonomy left.

The transition from one system to another is simple. Just turn off the engine when it is in thermal mode and then simply press a button to feed the coil split happens to play the role of engine. To return to thermally proceeds to reverse. The transition from one mode to another is done through a single control unit. The combustion engine has its own starting battery and is completely independent of the electric mode.

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