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Cookies Policy

In order to improve the services provided, the domain uses automatic data collection processes (cookies) to gather personal data such as the type of browser or operating system, the reference page, path and ISP (Internet Service Provider) domain, etc. Cookies help us to adapt this website to your personal needs.

A cookie is a small file which is stored on the user's computer which enables us to recognise you. The set of cookies helps us to improve the quality of our website, enabling us to customise user navigation for individual users of our website. Cookies are now essential for Internet operation, offering countless advantages in the provision of interactive services, making browsing our website easier and more user-friendly.

It should be noted that cookies cannot damage your computer; on the contrary, enabling cookies can help us identify and fix issues and make it easier to browse our website.

Types of Cookies

Regarding the types of cookies and their use, users should note that:

  1. In terms of a cookie's lifespan (the time the cookie remains active on our equipment), there is a difference between:
    • Session State Cookies: these are temporary cookies which remain in your browser's cookies file until you leave the website, after which they are deleted from the user's hard drive. The data obtained from these cookies is used to analyse web traffic patterns. In the long term, this enables us to improve the experience of our users, enhance website content and make it easier to use.
    • Permanent Cookies: these are stored on your hard drive and our website reads these each time you revisit the site. A permanent cookie has a set expiry date, after which it stops working. We generally use these to facilitate registration and purchasing services.
  2. In terms of the use of each cookie, there is a difference between:
    • Required Cookies: these are strictly necessary and include those cookies used to ensure correct browsing, cookies enabling payment of goods or services requested by the user, or cookies which serve to ensure that the website content loads effectively.

      This category of Required Cookies also includes cookies which are used:
      • for the sole purpose of communication between the user's computer and the web.
      • to provide a specific service explicitly requested by the user.
      In these cases, note that the informed consent of the user is not required for the installation of these cookies. Specifically, according to the EU Working Group of Experts, Article 29 of its Opinion 4/2012 (Cookie Consent Exemption) interpreted that the following types of cookies can be exempted from informed consent:
      • User input cookies
      • User authentication or identification cookies (for the duration of a session).
      • User centric security cookies.
      • Multimedia content player session cookies.
      • Load balancing session cookies.
      • User Interface (UI) customisation cookies.
      • Social plug-in content sharing cookies.
      For all other Required Cookies not listed above, informed consent must be given by the user.

    • Functional cookies (analitics): these are cookies which enable us to analyse the use of the website, so we can measure and improve its performance.
    • Advertising and Third-Party Cookies: these are cookies used by social networks, or by third-party extensions such as Google Maps, and from advertising companies to promote their products and services.

CORPEX Grupo Internacional S.A. saves all the data collected using the cookies in a non-personalised format (IP address). This type of data obtained by cookies will not be disclosed outside CORPEX Grupo Internacional S.A., or used for unsolicited communications.

Privacy Settings – Cookie Management

If they prefer, users can decide whether or not to enable cookies when installing or updating the browser. Users can chose to disable cookies at any time via the content settings and privacy options available in each browser. However, users should note that disabling cookies in the browser may restrict access to some of the content on our website.

More information on correct cookie configuration and the options for enabling, restricting and/or disabling cookies, can be found on the help section of your browser:

Many browsers feature a private mode which automatically deletes cookies after each visit. This private mode may have different names, depending on the browser. The names of this private mode in the most common browsers are listed below:

  • Google Chrome 10 and above; Incognito
  • FireFox 3.5 and above; Private Browsing
  • Internet Explorer 8 and above; InPrivate
  • Safari 2 and above; Private Browsing
  • Opera 10.5 and above; Private Browsing

List and Description of Cookies

The table below clearly lists the aforementioned cookies used on the CORPEX Grupo Internacional S.A. website:

cookies used in this website

For more information on cookies and your rights as a user, please refer to the guide on the use of cookies "Guía sobre el uso de cookies" drafted by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.